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Getting Lip Fillers

10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers


Perhaps you want to update your look or stave off wrinkles above and below your lips. Those feathery lines can deepen with age and make you look older than you are. You can use lip fillers to change the shape of your lips and fill in these wrinkles.

Rather than jumping into these procedures, you should research them first. We compiled this list of questions you should address before you undergo treatment.

  1. What exactly does a lip filler do?

Lip fillers add volume to your lips. You can use lip filler to accomplish three things:

  • Plump up the lip material,
  • Correct unevenly shaped lips
  • Smooth wrinkles and lines.
  1. Can you make my lips look like (insert name)?

No. You won’t get the same results because each individual differs in facial proportions. Your technician will create a custom application for you. The first step will be determining what outcome you want. This lets us decide on the proper filler material. We carry a range of light hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Since this substance occurs naturally in the skin’s dermis, it works well and looks natural.

  1. How do lip fillers work?

Our fillers hydrate and revitalize lips and also enhance lip elasticity and move with your facial expressions, so you won’t look like you “had work done.”

  1. Why do people get lip fillers?

Starting in your late 20s, your lips begin thinning. They lose volume with age. Others have thin lips from birth and may desire more shape to them. You can use small quantities of filler to change the lip shape and size, so if you have lopsided lips, you can get fillers only on one side to even things out. If you always wanted a pronounced cupid’s bow similar to that of actress Clara Bow, we can do that, too.

  1. How long will the lip filler last?

This varies depending on the individual, but typically, six to 12 months. Although you see immediate results, the filler settles during the days after your procedure, and the result improves. When you come back for a touch-up, you can change your look or have the same application redone.

  1. Which dermal fillers work best?

In our experience, Restylane and Juvéderm work best. You achieve an elegant, softer look and a natural shape. We only use FDA-approved fillers.

  1. Who can get lip fillers?

Most people can undergo lip filler treatment, but a member of our professional team will meet with you to discuss your medical history.

  1. Does it hurt to get a lip filler?

It does not typically cause pain because dermal fillers like Juvéderm Volbella contain lidocaine, which numbs the lips. They might swell a little, so if you want the lip filler before a special occasion, we recommend treatment about a week prior.

  1. How much do lip fillers cost?

You can check out our monthly specials for up-to-date pricing.

  1. How can you prepare to get lip fillers?

During the two weeks before your lip filler appointment, avoid taking aspirin, vitamin D or E, ginkgo, or eating fish oil. If you have a history of cold sores, take prophylaxis and preventative Valtrex before undergoing the lip filler. Avoid alcohol for three days before the procedure.

Contact us with any further questions or to schedule an appointment. Let us help you obtain the lip line you desire.

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